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4 tips for choosing command center control room console furniture

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Author : Kesino
Update time : 2022-05-09 13:22:09

With the 5G era and the complete opening of intelligent cities, many emergency command centers and data centers have emerged worldwide. Suppose you are the staff of the construction command center or innovative center. In that case, command center control room consoles can be a crucial part of your facility's overall design and functionality. Make sure you choose the right furniture to fit your needs and the look of your command center. Here are four tips to help you make the best choice for how to choose command center control room console furniture.

Consider the work that will be done in the command center control room

Remote control of large machines and equipment has been around for years. Still, it is only recently that this technology has been integrated into the control room. The purpose of the control room is to monitor and direct the work being done in the machine or equipment being controlled. In many cases, people are stationed in the control room to ensure everything goes as planned.

Different furniture will be used in various functions of the control room. For instance, a desk with many drawers will be used for storage. At the same time, a table with a monitor and keyboard will be used for working.

Choose furniture that is comfortable and efficient

Command center control room (CCC) furniture must be ergonomically designed to support a user's workstation and monitor placement. The following tips will help you choose the right CCC furniture for your workspace. 

Consider the height of your control room monitors.

Height is an important consideration when designing control room monitors. Not only should monitors be high enough to see over, but they should be placed so that operators have a clear line of sight to all screens. Some factors to consider when choosing monitor height include the size and layout of the control room, the workstation arrangement, and the operator's position. Additionally, monitors should be adjustable to ensure a comfortable working environment for everyone in the room.

Consider the width of your control room desk.

Console desks come in all shapes and sizes, but the width of the desk should be considered when purchasing one. A too wide desk will be cumbersome and take up more space than necessary. An ideal console desk width is between 24 and 30 inches.

Choose furniture that is environmental and healthy for the human body

As we all know, common command centers are relatively closed space environments, so the air environment is much more important than other places. Those that can affect the air environment include office furniture such as consoles. They are the places where formaldehyde is released. Suppose the concentration of formaldehyde in the air exceeds a certain amount. In that case, it will have a considerable impact on human health. Long-term inhalation is very likely to cause cancer. Therefore, the furniture needs to meet the national formaldehyde emission standards to protect the life and health of the operators in the command center. And it is also a boon for the public security of the entire city.

To protect the operator's life and health, create a green and environmentally friendly console. Kesino adopts E0 grade environmental protection wood (the national standard is E1 grade) and powder coating (no paint) technology. So the console is full of green and environmental protection from the inside to the outside. And can fully achieve the ultimate in ready-to-use. The goal is to support the on-site detection of formaldehyde.

Choose the right design for the command center control room

Choosing the right design for the command center control room is essential:

1. It needs to be suitable for your work requirement.
2. It needs to be comfortable and easy to use.
3. It should be affordable so that businesses can invest in it without breaking the bank.


A good command center control room console should suit your work requirement, be comfortable and efficient, environmental and healthy, and have the right design. We can find suitable control room furniture from the above four aspects and choose a console brand ideal for the project. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!