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24/7 Ergonomics Control Consoles
Heavy-duty Consoles That You Can Count On
  • KSN801
  • KSN901
  • KSN100 & KSN101
  • KSN203 & KSN204
  • KSN300 & KSN301
  • KSN400 & KSN401
  • KSN600 & KSN601
  • 8 Ports
  • Lightning Protection
  • Illuminated Switch
  • Protection against accidental touch
Steel file cabinet with three drawers, cooperate with the console space use, easy to hide in the consoles, easy to restore and keep the desks clean
The cabinet can be orienated in any fashion, the below the height of the master station can placed printer, dispatching telephone, or other device. Both sides enough space for documents and built-in layer board can be adjustment. The front appearance of arc shutter is novel, internal upper and lower double space, is the best choice for restoring.
guide rail for push to pull smoothly, hand pillow is made of soft foam body forming, work effectively relieve fatigue, surface imitation leather feeling improve product class, the overall load meet the 25 kg, inner size 500 mm * 250 mm, with independent keyboard frame fixed arm, keep the keyboard frame from